Pilot info

AIP Maps and Data
AFIS Signal No
Frequency 130,400 MHz
ARP co-ordinates (550M from THR 15) 452023.08N 0202714.78E 155
Altitude above sea level 80 m (264 ft)
Location 132 ̊ GEO, 6,7 KM from cathedral in the center of Zrenjanin
Runway (grassy) 15 / 33 ; 1100 m x 60 m (grass)
Traffic area TWY A 1200m x 25m (grass) TWY B 450m x 35m (grass)
Fuel AVGAS 100LL, JET-A1 Kerosene (From July 2018.)
Light technique system: equipped with spare generator PNS-80 lighting aids all lights are mobile and placed from April to November
Radio navigation equipments No
Hangar storage 70m x 30m x 6,1m
Rescue and firefighting category Category 2 (Serbian regulations)
Meteorology Local meteorological information service Zrenjanin +381 23 566990
Direct link to the RHMZ Serbian Meteorology Services Yes www.hidmet.gov.rs
Immigration and Customs Controll On request (48 hours’ notice required)


RHMZ Serbian Meteorology Services http://hidmet.gov.rs

Aviation Weather for Europa http://avwx.info/

Zrenjanin meteorology service +381 23 566990
few clouds
humidity: 54%
wind: 5m/s SSE
H 14 • L 13
Weather from OpenWeatherMap


AVGAS 100LL, JET-A1 Kerosene (From July 2018.)
Unleaded gas 95 & 98 octanes available from nearby gas station 0-24h

Airport services

Aircraft Parking

The airport offers parking places and tiedown places. In case you want to hangar your aircraft it requires prior contact with the airport operator.

Immigration & Customs services

Immigration & Custom services are available on request between July 1st and September 30th. Please contact us 48 hours prior arival. Police and customs working time is between 08-18.

General aviation service (aircraft maintenance)

• Aerodrom Ecka ltd, Part M- subpart F and G (approval RS.MF002, RS.MG013)
• Prince aviation ltd, EASA Part 145 (approval EASA.145.0584) Serbian Part 145 (approval Rs.145.0027)

Technical staff on duty

During operation hours our technical staff is available to aid departing and attend to arriving aircrafts as well as to provide fuel. If you would like to move your plane in or out of its parking place please request their assistance.


The cafeteria at the airport operates all year during operation hours. Its central location allows you to spend your ground time in a friendly atmosphere and still be able to follow the airport traffic, takeoffs and landings. (from July 2018)

Airport fees
Aircraft in category Price
ULL, General, Sailplane EUR 100 per month (in RSD equivalent)
Multiengine aircraft EUR 150 per month ( in RSD equivalent)
Agrucultural aircraft EUR 200 per month (in RSD equivalent)
Daily hangar is charged EUR 10 (in dinar equivalent) for the accommodation of aircraft in the hangar, and EUR 5 (in RSD equivalent) for accommodation outside the hangar.
The fee for using airport services outside the airport’s working hours (between 20:00 and 06:00) is EUR 15 (in RSD equivalent).
Tax for the use of the night start is charged EUR 25 per aircraft, (in dinar equivalent).
Tourist info
City of Zrenjanin info www.zrenjanin.rs
Belgrade tourist info www.tob.rs
Belgrade Nightlife www.beogradnocu.com
Serbia tourist info www.serbia.com


Build in 1942
Luftwaffe planes
Yugoslav era
Ecka now

Build in 1942

Ecka airport was built by Luftwaffe in 1942. Ecka’s runway was, at the time of building, the longest concrete runway in the world.

Build in 1942

Luftwaffe planes

All famous Luftwaffe military planes was based at Ecka airport and used in combat operations all over Central and Eastern Europe.


During fall of 1944 group of US Army Air Forces, P 51C Mustangs, attacked Luftwaffe positions on Airport Ecka by surprise, and destroyed most of the aircrafts. One Mustang was shot downed and the pilot was killed.


Russian army took over the airport from Luftwaffe at the end of 1944 and Russian planes and troops was positioned on the airport until 1947.


Yugoslav era

After Soviets left, Yugoslav army destroyed concrete runway, in fear of possible Soviet invasion on Yugoslavia during Stalin times.
During 1990’s Zrenjanin Aeroclub has moved to Ecka Airport. Aeroclub’s airport was founded in 1929 and positioned on the north side of Zrenjanin city, before moving to Ecka due to the city’s expansion.

Ecka now

New, well experienced management took over managing of the Zrenjanin Aeroclub and Ecka airport in 2017. With great respect of the airport’s history the new era has begun…

Ecka now