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AFIS Signal No
Frequency 130,400 MHz
ARP co-ordinates (550M from THR 15) 452023.08N 0202714.78E 155
Altitude above sea level 80 m (264 ft)
Location 132 ̊ GEO, 6,7 KM from cathedral in the center of Zrenjanin
Runway (grassy) 15 / 33 ; 1100 m x 60 m (grass)
Traffic area TWY A 1200m x 25m (grass) TWY B 450m x 35m (grass)
Fuel AVGAS 100LL, JET-A1 Kerosene (From July 2018.)
Light technique system: equipped with spare generator PNS-80 lighting aids all lights are mobile and placed from April to November
Radio navigation equipments No
Hangar storage 70m x 30m x 6,1m
Rescue and firefighting category Category 2 (Serbian regulations)
Meteorology Local meteorological information service Zrenjanin +381 23 566990
Direct link to the RHMZ Serbian Meteorology Services Yes
Immigration and Customs Controll On request (48 hours’ notice required)